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Test Review


Aerospace Review Questions pages 1-18

  1. What did the Chinese invent that enabled man to fly?



  1. Who made the first scientific experiments in the field of aviation?



  1. What was man’s first flight in a lighter-than-air aircraft in and who invented it?



  1. What happened on December 17, 1903, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina?



  1. What was America’s first jet aircraft?



  1. The space shuttle orbits the earth once every _______ minutes at a speed of ______________?



  1. Who piloted the Bell X-1 that exceeded Mach 1, (the speed of sound)?



  1. Who was the first American in space?



  1. What is Neil Armstrong famous for?



  1. An airplane moves about on how many axes?



  1. What aircraft component controls Roll?



  1. What aircraft component controls Yaw?



  1. Name the four forces in flight.



  1. Lift is opposed by what?



  1. Thrust is opposed by what?



  1. What is Dynamic Lift?



  1. Induced Lift is produced by what?



  1. What does the air speed indicator measure?



  1. What does the compass tell the pilot?



  1. The altimeter measure the plane’s altitude from what reference?



  1. Name the three indicators that give altitude change information.



  1. What is used to increase lift at reduced airspeeds?



  1. What is flight?



  1. What is the most relied on indicator when flying by instruments?



  1. The reduction of speed to the point where the wing stops producing lift is?



  1. What is the study of the forces of air acting on objects in motion relative to air?



  1. What is a dihedral?


  1. What two aircraft controls have the most effect on pitch?



  1. What space project's mission was, "to put a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade"?