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The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher By Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong
The book walks a teacher, either novice or veteran, through the most effective  ways to begin a school year and continue to become an effective teacher. This  is the most basic book on how to teach.
Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher
Learn all the essentials for making your first year of teaching a success! In  this exciting new book, internationally renowned educator Todd Whitaker teams  up with his daughters--Madeline, an elementary teacher, and Katherine, a  secondary teacher--to share advice and inspiration. They offer step-by-step  guidance to thriving in your new role and overcoming the challenges that many  new teachers face. Topics include  Learning classroom management skills such as  building relationships and maintaining high expectations and consistency  Setting up your classroom and establishing procedures and rules Planning  effective lessons and making your instructional time an engaging experience  Managing your own emotions in the classroom and dealing effectively with  misbehavior Working with peers, administrators, and parents to build support  and foster collaboration The book is filled with specific examples and  vignettes from elementary, middle, and high school classes, so you   ll gain  helpful strategies no matter what grade level and subject area you teach.  You   ll also find out how to make tweaks or hit the  reset  button when  something isn   t going as planned. Things may not always go perfectly your  first year, but the practical advice in this book will help you stay motivated  on the path to success! Bonus  As you read the book, get even more out of it by  discussing it with others. Free study guides for practicing teachers and  student teachers are available as eResource downloads from our website products 9781138126152 .
The New Teacher's Companion: Practical Wisdom for Succeeding in the Classroom Nov 30, 2009 by Gini Cunningham
Research confirms that the teacher makes the greatest difference in the  learning success of students, so it s important that new teachers get off to a  strong start. With help from veteran teacher and mentor Gini Cunningham,  inexperienced teachers can better understand and successfully tackle the many  daily challenges they will face in the classroom   Setting up classroom  procedures and managing class time  Coordinating standards, curriculum, and  textbooks  Developing manageable lesson and unit plans  Handling discipline  problems and engaging students in learning  Using effective assessment  practices and monitoring student achievement Teaching is a physically and  emotionally demanding career, but Cunningham s practical advice and memorable  anecdotes will help teachers prepare for and enjoy their work--even on the most  difficult days. And administrators can use this accessible guide to support new  professionals and avoid early burnout. The New Teacher s Companion is a  valuable resource for any teacher who wants the classroom to be a rich and  rewarding place for teachers and students alike.
The Classroom Management Book
This is a solutions book that shows how to organize and structure a classroom  to create a safe and positive environment for student learning and achievement  to take place. It offers 50 procedures that can be applied, changed, adapted,  and incorporated into any classroom management plan. Each procedure is  presented with a consistent format that breaks it down and tells how to teach  it and what the outcome of teaching it will be. While all of the work and  preparation behind a well-managed classroom are rarely observed, the dividends  are evident in a classroom that is less stressful for all and one that hums  with learning.
Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator
Based on Dave Burgess s popular  Teach Like a PIRATE  seminars, this book  offers inspiration, practical techniques, and innovative ideas that will help  you to increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your  life as an educator. You ll learn how to  Tap into and dramatically increase  your passion as a teacher Develop outrageously engaging lessons that draw  students in like a magnet Establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie in your  classroom Transform your class into a life-changing experience for your  students This groundbreaking inspirational manifesto contains over 30 hooks  specially designed to captivate your class and 170 brainstorming questions that  will skyrocket your creativity. Once you learn the Teach Like a PIRATE system,  you ll never look at your role as an educator the same again.

Bossier CARES

Welcome to Bossier CARES!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Bossier FIRST quietly retired on July 26, 2017 and was officially replaced by Bossier CARES! 

Bossier CARES is short for Bossier Coaching And Retaining Educators for Success!

This is a teacher induction program specifically tailored for brand new teachers entering the education world in Bossier Schools. Each month, new Bossier teachers will attend a workshop for an hour and a half to learn teaching tips and get advice from seasoned teachers who have made a positive mark in the district by displaying - on a daily basis - skills that help them grow their students academically as well as their own instructional  practices. 

The very first meeting is set for Thursday, August 24 from 3:30 to 5:00. The topic is CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Without an orderly and structured classroom, no learning can take place.

Two Bossier Parish teachers - known for their exceptionally effective Management Skills will be our guest speakers:

Mrs. Kristin Mosura - 5th Grade Math Teacher at Stockwell Elementary - will share her valuable skills and effective practices with the elementary teachers while Mrs. Simone Keys - 7th and 8th Grade ELA Teacher at Rusheon Middle School - will equip the middle and high school teachers with the right tools to have a successful first year!

This will kick off a great school year!

Horda Semdani

PLC Supervisor

New Teachers Monthly Meetings

Useful topics to be addressed...

  • Personal Mental Health Care

  • Classroom Management

    • Capturing Kids Hearts

    • Develop a Culture of Respect for ALL Students

    • Develop a Positive Relationship with Students & Parents

    • Kagan Structures

    • Harry Wong’s Strategies

    • Teach Like a Champion

  • Growth Mindset >< Fixed Mindset

  • Engaging Students in the Learning Process

    • Teacher Talk Moves and Higher Order Thinking Questions

    • Use of Technology for Educational Purposes

    • Choice of Tier I Performance Tasks and Other Engaging Activities

    • Problem-/Project-Based Learning

    • Gender Equity

    • Access to a Quality Curriculum for ALL Students

  • Monitoring Student Learning

    • Formative Assessments (classroom and Common)

    • Purposeful and Thoughtful Homework Assignments

  • Differentiated Instruction  

  • Student Work and Common Formative Assessment Analysis to Drive further Instruction

Useful links to the BPS Curricula and the Louisiana Department of Education

Access the main page of the Curriculum Department 

All curricula used by the BPS are listed on the above website on the left. 

Access the main page of the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE)

You can find a great variety of useful information and activities under the "Classroom Support Toolbox." 

Classroom Management PowerPoint