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Superintendent's Office

A Message From Superintendent Scott Smith 

Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. These are not merely words, but the driving focus at Bossier Schools, where we set the bar high and expect nothing less than the best from our educators as we prepare your children to be tomorrow’s leaders.

How do we do that? By giving our teachers the support, encouragement and professional development they need to feel empowered in their classrooms. We want them to think creatively and explore ways to differentiate instruction according to each child’s individual learning style, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their gifts and talents.

When that happens, something exciting takes place. Children are inspired to learn and from there, it is a domino effect. Inspiration does not stand alone. It sparks imagination and when the two intersect, it fuels innovation.

For families new to the area, examples of this trifecta can be found not only in our classrooms, but throughout the community. Bossier Schools values its strong partnerships with business and industry, colleges and universities, Barksdale Air Force Base and other branches of military, civic and governmental entities, and social agencies and charitable organizations. These ties create countless opportunities for students, both during and after their K-12 experience.

Our students and employees also play an important role in the community. Each year, Bossier Schools leads the charge to instill in our young people the value of serving others. “Helping Hearts: The Power of We” is a district-wide service initiative that not only benefits the community we live in, but is also the perfect catalyst for character development.

The commitment shown by our schools is certainly an inspiration to me. In 2015-16, more than a thousand volunteer hours were spent serving others; Bossier Schools donated truckloads of food, pet supplies, clothing and other goods; and we contributed nearly $150,000 to charitable organizations and those in need. That is the “Power of We.”

Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. It’s what we strive for at Bossier Schools and I am excited to see where our energies lead us.

Scott Smith

Superintendent, Bossier Schools

Scott Smith, Superintendent

Mitch Downey
Mitch Downey, Assistant Superintendent of Administration

Dr. Nichole Bourgeois
Dr. Nichole Bourgeois, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction