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 i3 Art Expo

Bossier Civic Center

May 3rd - 5th

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Talented Arts Facebook Page
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  • Parents may call and request their child be tested.
  • Teachers may refer students for testing.
  • Community members may recommend a child for testing. 
  • Students may request that they be tested! 

To refer a child for screening for gifted and/or talented education, contact the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) chairperson for your child’s school. 

Talented Arts


The Bossier Parish Talented Program seeks to screen, identify, and provide services for children who possess unique talent in the visual or performing arts. The focus of the program is to provide accelerated curriculum based on the National Standards for Arts Education and the Louisiana Arts Content Standards to students identified as talented in each of the following areas: Visual Arts, Music (Vocal and/or Instrumental), and Theater. IEP goals are developed for the individual student’s needs in his/her area of talent. Course content is designed to meet the individual needs of the students. Students are pulled from non-academic classes to address IEP goals and talented curriculum content. 

Talented Arts Instructor Completes Bilingual E-book


The creativity never ends for Talented Arts Program Instructor Steve Porter. When he is not teaching art, he is creating it. Now, after a three-year project involving dozens of professionals and students from across the world, Porter’s efforts are showcased in the online bilingual e-book Environmental Education in Latino Communities: Sharing Experiences.

Porter was one of 30 people chosen from across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba to participate in the Environmental Education en Espanol (EEE) Capacity Project in collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York.

The purpose of the e-book is to recognize the efforts of those in the Latino community who are working toward environmental sustainability and conservation by way of different outlets.

The first chapter of the book delves into the arts and Porter shares experiences, challenges, and successes as he helped Bossier Parish students from Haughton Middle, Haughton High and Parkway High build their self-esteem through the Talented Arts Program. They painted murals, created masks, constructed totem poles and made a statue with a working fountain.

Porter is quoted in the book as saying, “Two words come to mind when using art as a positive force: relationship and opportunity. The individuals that you are working with don't have to be accomplished painters or sculptors, but when given the opportunity, relationships form. For close to 20 years, I have worked with students and non-students, from the ages of four to adult. Some were privileged, and some had nothing. The one thing in common was art. At times, I have had white, black, Asian, Mexican, and Native American (people) in one room working… Art is what we can use to come up with solutions.”

Photos of Porter’s students are also showcased in the book, along with their works of art. Explore the e-book and see the incredible collaboration that culminated from this bilingual online learning community.