• Boys 7th Grade Team

    Allen, Kainan

    Burroughs, Daemon

    Casey, Diomonie

    Cochran, Rylan

    Gaspard, Kipton

    Havard, Broox

    Hughes, Chase

    James, Sawyer

    Lopez, Broderick

    Manley, Josef

    Marks, Kaden

    Mosley, Charles

    Nelson, Gavin

    Patterson, Ayden

    Ramsey, Carson

    Saucier, Tucker

    Senter, Uriah

    Spinney, Jude

    Thompson, Mason

    Valdez, Peyton

    Vitale, Romeo

    Wilkerson, Bodie


    Boys 8th Grade Team

    Benoit, Bryce

    Booth, Demetrius

    Carpenter, Paul

    Fradger, Robert

    Gonzales, Hayston

    Hammond, Beck

    Hicks, Brent

    Johnson, Greyson

    Lewis, John (Tre)

    Maiden, Kristian

    Marshall, Donald

    McCullough, Aiden

    Parchman, Denver

    Raley, Jaxon

    Simmons, Nolan

    Thomas, DeQuinton

    Turner, Graham

    Underwood, Brody

    Warren, Tyler

    Welborne, Adrienne

    Wruble, Lucas



    All meets begin at 3:30 p.m. with field events (shot put, long jump, high jump, and discus).

    The one-mile races, 1600m, start at 4:00 p.m..

    The next race events occur as follows:  100m hurdles, 800m relay, 800m run, 100m dash, 400m dash, 400m relay, 200m dash, and 1600m relay.

    There will be a team trophy ceremony after each meet, but coaches will pass out individual ribbons on the following school day. 

    Thank You,
    Coach Turner