• During a special school election, held August 9, 1918, voters approved a tax of five mills on the dollar for ten years to build and equip a school building in District 9 of Bossier Parish. Two acres of land were bought at $250.00 per acre from A. Caplis in Elm Grove, Louisiana. Construction began immediately on a two-story frame building with four large rooms for classrooms, a large auditorium, with a stage, a small library, and an office.

    The school was named Ward One Junior High School and it opened in September 1921 with a principal and three teachers. During the years 1923 through 1925 new buildings were constructed, including a teacherage and home economics building and a small cottage for the principal's residence; W.H. and C.B. Hodges donated land for this expansion. Only one of these earlier buildings still remains; this is the original two-story building, which is now used for storage. The teacherage was purchased by long time teacher, the late Mrs. Elston, and is now lived in by her husband one mile from the school.

    In 1923 the junior high school became an accredited high school and was renamed Elm Grove Junior High School. Additional teachers were added as needed and by 1935 the high school had a faculty of seven. The facility accommodated the educational needs of south Bossier Parish for thirty-eight years.

    A bond issue for school district twenty-seven was approved in 1957 and with this appropriation, Curtis Elementary was constructed and improvements made to Elm Grove High School, including the construction of the gym, a cafeteria, and an additional wing to the main building. When Curtis opened in 1959, white elementary students were assigned to the new facility, white secondary students were assigned to Rusheon Junior High School, and Elm Grove High School accommodated the black students of the area in grades one through twelve.

    The facility was closed in February 1970 when the state of Louisiana abolished segregation and reorganized the school systems to include integration. In September of 1970, the facility was reopened for the seventh and eighth grade students of south Bossier Parish and renamed Elm Grove Junior High. The mascot became the Demons. In 1990, the mascot name was changed from the Demons to the Elm Grove Eagles.

    The need to alleviate over crowded classrooms in south Bossier Parish and the trend to establish middle schools were two main issues that brought a significant change to Elm Grove. In 1996, voters authorized the issuance of twenty-year bonds to make necessary improvements to existing schools and begin construction of two new schools. At this time, plans were made to move south Bossier Parish sixth grade students from Curtis Elementary School to Elm Grove Middle School. Construction began in 1996 with the addition of a twelve-room wing to accommodate the sixth grade students. The former gym area was redesigned to expand the existing cafeteria and accommodate a new band facility. A new gym was completed in April 1998.

    In 2010, Elm Grove Middle School moved to the old Parkway High School on Panther Drive. Elm Grove Elementary took over the campus to alleviate overcrowding at Curtis, Bellaire, and Sun City Elementary Schools in South Bossier and Princeton, Platt, and TL Rhodes in Haughton. The mascot chosen was the Gators to unify all the students from their previous schools. In 2018, Haughton Elementary opened, which reduced the class size from 23 students to around 18 per class.

    Elm Grove Elementary celebrated its ten year anniversary for the 2019-2020 school year.