Social Studies

  • Social Studies supports the mission of Airline High School to prepare all students for life-long success. These courses move students toward an understanding of our increasingly diverse and complicated society. The goal is to inform students of humanity's shared values and unique differences in order to produce tolerant and well-informed citizens. The social studies curriculum incorporates state and national standards and recent scholarship in the social sciences. Airline High School students will recognize and appreciate the "human experience" that is central to all people.

    American History - 1 credit

    American History is a survey of the United States from the age of industrialization to the present with an emphasis on recent history. Students analyze events within historical content and examine information contained in graphic materials such as maps, graphs, charts, and cartoons.
    (Prerequisite: None)

    American History Honors - 1 credit

    This course includes all course work in American History. Additional projects emphasize a critical analysis of historical evidence.
    (Prerequisite: Honors criteria)

    Civics - 1/2 credit

    Civics emphasizes the responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society and the basic attitudes and understanding necessary for citizenship. Topics include the Constitution, the three levels of government, current events, politics, elections, the judicial system, and state and local government.
    (Prerequisite: None)

    Free Enterprise - 1/2 credit

    Free Enterprise is a study of the economic system of the United States. It emphasizes the development of the economy, the role citizens play as consumers and producers, and the relationship between personal economic decisions and the total economy.
    (Prerequisite: None)

    Psychology/Sociology - 1 credit

    Psychology is a study of basic fundamentals and principals associated with human behaviors.
    (Prerequisite: None)

    World Geography - 1 credit

    World Geography includes the study of the relationships between the earth’s people and their physical environments. The course includes geography, map skills, and the physical and cultural features of the different world regions. United States geography is emphasized.
    (Prerequisite: None)

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