• Mission:

    To make learning happen with every student, every day, in every way!


    In order to achieve our mission, we envision a school in which:

    • Faculty and staff work interdependently in collaborative teams

    • Positive relationships are fostered among students, parents, and community members

    • Assessment results are used to monitor student progress on a frequent basis

    • Programs are implemented and evaluated continually to ensure the needs of all students are being met

    Collective Commitments: 

    In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, the staff of Elm Grove Elementary has made the following collective commitments:

    • Use high quality curriculum materials fully aligned to state standards

    • Share instructional strategies to promote the success of all students

    • Develop and implement essential standards and common formative assessments using the professional learning community framework

    • Provide parents with resources, strategies, and information to help students succeed

    • Involve students, parents, and community members in decision making for our students and school

    • Engage in meaningful staff development to continually improve instructional practices

    • Use SMART goals and data from assessments to make instructional decisions

    • All teams work towards becoming high functioning collaborative teams