Dress Code – Uniform Policy    2021-22


    Uniforms should be clean, in good condition, and fit properly, with no holes, rips, or tears.

    Label all uniform clothing, especially outerwear (jackets, coats, sweatshirts, etc.) with the child’s name. 




    • Colors: white, navy blue, royal, light blue, or orange
    • Style: pull-over (polo) or button-down collar, short or long sleeve
    • Meadowview t-shirts may be worn any day of the week. Spirit or school club shirts must be in good condition, without alterations.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • Only solid colored shirts are allowed to be worn under school uniform shirts.

    Pants, Shorts, and Belts:

      • Pants and Shorts Colors: navy blue or khaki
      • Girls may wear navy blue or khaki skirts, skorts, capris, or plaid jumpers.
      • Girls’ shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers should be no more than 4 inches above the knee, the appropriate length required.


    • Belts must be worn with all pants designed for belts (with belt loops). Students in PK and K are not required to wear belts.
    • No jeggings or tights. Bottoms must have pockets to be considered pants instead of leggings, jeggings, or tights. 
    • When boots are worn, both pants legs need to be inside or outside of the boot shaft. One pant leg in and one out will not be permitted. 
    • Leggings, tights, or other long-legged bottoms will not be permitted with short pants.  




    • Style: Style and color of shoes may be chosen by the parent/student. Students may not wear sandals, flip flops, or Crocs/Croc-type shoes, high heeled shoes, cleats, open-toed shoes to school. 
    • It is required that socks be worn at all times by all students for health and safety reasons.
    • Girls may wear solid color tights or leggings. 


    Outerwear – Jackets, Coats, Sweatshirts, Sweaters: 

    Only approved coats, school jackets, and uniform sweaters will be allowed to be worn in the building at any time. Students wearing non-uniform jackets will be asked to remove them during homeroom and not permitted to wear them during the school day. When new jackets are purchased, please use the following guidelines. 

    1. Solid  NAVY jackets, sweaters, or coats, per BPS Policy will be worn by students.  Sweaters should be of plain cardigan design.
    2. Meadowview sweatshirts or hoodies may be worn on any day, but the uniform shirt must be worn underneath.
    3. Sweatshirts may be purchased through the school or an approved solid school shirt color, with no graphics or designs.  An approved uniform shirt must be worn under sweatshirts. 
    4. Jackets, if worn in the building, should be solid navy in color.  This is a parish-wide policy.
    5. Denim jackets are not allowed.  
    6. Coats will not be permitted to be worn in the classroom. 


    • Girls’ earrings should be small and safe for physical activities.
    • Boys may not wear earrings.
    • Body piercings, real or temporary tattoos are not allowed. 
    • Fingernail length must not interfere with school work.



    • Colored hair or other styles that distract from the learning environment are not allowed. 
    • Headbands must be a solid color. Headbands that extend above the hair are not allowed, for example, unicorn, kitten faces, etc.   




    Uniform checks will be made by the homeroom teacher each morning. If a student is in violation of the MES dress code, a uniform violation notice will be sent home with the student stating the specific violation.  Parents will be called concerning habitual uniform violations.  Parents will be notified to bring a change of clothing.


    The first and second infractions of the dress code will result in a warning with parental notification. Third and subsequent violations will result in disciplinary action.  


    The Principal or Assistant Principal reserves the right to make all final decisions on appropriate uniform/ school attire.