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    Bossier Parish Parent Education Center

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    What We Do For Our Children Today Will Make A Difference Tomorrow

  • Dear Parent and Family Members,

    Welcome back to the new school year (2022-2023). We are excited about having another opportunity to participate in the education of your child and children. We would like to extend another invitation to you to become further involved and engaged to help support the goals the schools have set for each child.

    All children need parental support from preschool years throughout their educational career. Children must be prepared to meet diverse challenges. Why? Because the world is changing rapidly and will present a new set of challenges each day. In order for our children to be prepared to meet that diversity, parental support must be provided on a continuous basis. 

    We know that “Education” is the weapon we must use to have children ready to meet those challenges. We believe that it is more crucial now than ever before to have strong parent relationships and partnerships with each child’s teacher and school. Therefore, we are asking all parents and families children to help us to attain the goals that schools have set.

    Your participation and continuous support are needed to help us to educate and motivate our children that will have far reaching effects and outcomes for each child. The evidence on parent engagement is clear and compelling; when schools and families work together our children will have better academic achievements;

    • adaptability to school,

    • grades and attendance,

    • social skills, and 

    • higher graduation rates.

    It will also be a win-win situation for all of our children, families, community and state.

    Please remember to contact your child’s school and teachers to offer your support, and let them know how to contact you to become engaged in their daily classroom activities. We are also inviting you to come by the Parent Center and check out additional literacy and technology materials to connect home and school learning.


    What We Do for Our Children Today Will Make A Big Difference Tomorrow