• ACT vs. SAT

     What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? They are both standardized tests and they both factor into the college admissions process. To learn about the differences between the two tests and how they compare, take a look at the chart below. 





    When is it administered?

    Seven times per year

    Six times per year

    What is the test structure?

    3 tests

    Optional essay

    4 tests

    Optional writing test

    What is the test content?

    Reading Test
    65 minutes
    52 questions

    Writing and Language Test
    35 minutes
    44 questions

    Math Test
    80 minutes
    58 questions

    Reading Test
    35 minutes
    40 questions

    English Test
    45 minutes
    75 questions

    Math Test
    60 minutes
    60 questions

    Science Test
    35 minutes
    40 questions

    Is there a penalty for wrong answers?



    How is the test scored?

    200-800 per section, added together for a combined score. Composite 400–1600 (SAT Essay: reported in 3 dimensions, each 2–8)

    1-36 for each subject, averaged for a composite score (writing domain scores: 2–12). A 36 is the highest possible composite score.

    Test fees waived for eligible students?



    Are there other uses for the exams?

    Scholarship purposes.

    Scholarship purposes. Certain statewide testing programs.

    Best time to register?

    About 4 weeks before test day. You pay a late fee for registering later.

    About 5 weeks before test day. You pay a late fee for registering later.

    Need more information?

    The College Board

    ACT, Inc.:
    (319) 337-1000 Website