• Uniform Policy and Dress Code

    According to Act 414, the Board shall authorize a mandatory uniform dress code, which may include school uniforms. All Bossier Parish Schools have adopted mandatory uniforms beginning fall of 1999. Haughton Middle School follows a mandatory school uniform policy that is designed by a committee that consists of school administrators, parents, teachers, and students. To meet dress code requirements, the students must present themselves in the approved uniform. All uniforms must be worn in the manner meant by the manufacturer. All edges should be hemmed. The parents may make simple hemming of sleeve length, skirts, skorts, and/or length as long as it follows the dress code guidelines for uniform length. Students who are not in uniform may not be allowed to enter class. It is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to purchase only uniforms that meet all the requirements of Haughton Middle School Dress Code. The administration shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance.

    Boys' Uniforms

    Tops – white, navy, or red polo style shirts or white oxford shirts. Shirts should remain tucked in at all times.
    Bottoms – navy or khaki pants or shorts*. Carpenter, painter, and cargo shorts and pants are NOT ALLOWED. No pants with slits at the bottom. No skinny pants or body forming pants. Uniform bottoms must have belt loops. Belts are required. Shorts and pants should not be rolled up.

    * Denim, knit, corduroy, drawstring, or spandex, including spandex-like combination shirts, pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts are NOT allowed.

    Girls' Uniforms

    Tops – white, navy, or red polo style shirts with no more than three buttons (no zipper, snap, or tie closings) or white oxford shirts. Shirt tails must be long enough to remain tucked in when hands are raised. No fitted shirts with short cap sleeves or multiple buttons will be worn. Shirts should remain tucked in at all times.
    Bottoms – navy or khaki pants, capris, shorts, skorts, or skirts*. Carpenter, painter, cargo, and hip hugger shorts and pants are NOT ALLOWED. Pants and shorts must not have any metal brads. No pants with slits at the bottom. No skinny pants or body forming pants. Pants and shorts must have belt loops. Belts are required. The length of shorts, skirts, and skorts must be no shorter than the bottom of fingertip when arms are held naturally at the side. Shorts and pants should be rolled up or under.

    * Denim, knit, corduroy, drawstring, or spandex, including spandex-like combination shirts, pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts are NOT allowed.

    Student ID Badges

    Haughton Middle School students are required to wear an ID badge at all times for five reasons: 1) security and easy recognition while on campus, 2) library check-in and check-out, 3) cafeteria account information and identification, 4) PBIS Groups for events and 5) Check-in/ Check-out and tardy accounting. Students will be issued one free ID at the beginning of the school year. This ID is to be worn on an appropriate lanyard. Students must wear their own current year ID. If a student needs a replacement ID, they can be purchased for $5. ID Badges are not to be decorated, deformed, or altered in any way. Mutilated IDs will be confiscated and must be replaced at the student’s expense. Temporary IDs may be purchased for $1 and are valid for the date issued. Any student not wearing an ID or with an altered ID will receive a uniform violation (see Uniform Violation Policy for disciplinary consequences).


    Belts must fit inside belt loops and must be visible. No part of the belt may be left hanging. Approved colors are khaki, brown, black, navy, white, and red. No large or distracting belt buckles are allowed. Scarves, ties, straps, and other items may not be substituted for a belt (all belts must be buckled at all times). Some decoration and jewels on the belt are approved. Writing on the belt is not allowed.

    Jackets and Outerwear

    Students may wear approved red, white, navy, gray, or black uniform jackets or coats. Haughton letter jackets and “official” Haughton jackets (sold or given by the school) are permitted. No striped, plaid, or print shirts or outerwear. This includes camouflage clothing of any kind. No sweatshirts. No vests. No cropped jackets. No ¾ zip pullovers. No hoodies (defined as any pullover with a hood or sweat shirt with a front pocket). Oversized jackets are NOT allowed at HMS. During uniform check, all outerwear must be unzipped (students must wear an approved school uniform top daily). No more than 2” X 2” label on jackets and outerwear. No gloves or rags are allowed inside the school. Monogramming of your child’s initials (no nicknames) is allowed on the left or right side of the chest of the jacket. Monogramming should fit in a 4” X 4” square.


    Must be solid red, white, navy, gray, or black with NO writing. Solid red, white, navy, gray, or black turtle necks and Under Armor are allowed.

    Socks/Knee Socks/Tights

    Knee socks and tights, for females only, may be solid red, white or navy. Any other socks worn should be solid in color and match. Neon colors are not allowed. No inappropriate writing on socks.


    All shoes must match and be closed toe oxfords, tennis shoes, or loafers. Dress boots and rain boots are allowed. Shoes must be worn on campus at all times and must be laced and appropriately tied. No beach, pool or house shoes, crocs, steel toe boots, flip-flops, work boots, sandals or shoes with wheels. Black soled shoes may not be worn in the PE classes.

    Piercings and Jewelry

    Any jewelry should not detract from the school climate. No body piercing of any kind. (Exception: Females may wear earrings that are not distracting) Males are not allowed to wear earrings. No gauges allowed. Students are not allowed to wear straws or clear spacers to preserve pierced holes nor are they allowed to be covered by Band-Aids. No wallet, pocket, or dog chains, spiked, or excessive (too large or too long) jewelry. Grills are not allowed. Inappropriate wrist bands are not allowed.

    Hair and Make-up

    No distracting hairstyles or colors will be allowed, no feathers braided into hair, mohawks, designs carved into hair (including eyebrows), hair colors other than natural tones, etc. No tinting or spray coloring which draws attention is permitted. Hair must not cover eyes or face in any way. Boys are prohibited from wearing any form of facial hair (mustaches, beards, goatees, long sideburns, etc.) No make-up, body art, etc. that attracts undue attention as determined by the administration is permitted. No stocking caps, visors, hats, bandanas, sweatbands, scarves, or “do rags” are to be worn or brought to school. Students may not wear hair picks, combs, brushes, or rollers in their hair. No distracting headbands or headwear are allowed.

    Spirit Days

    Spirit days will be allowed at HMS at administrators’ discretion. Any spirit activity “designated spirit uniform” may be worn in place of the regular school uniform. Examples: cheer uniform, dance uniform, football, basketball, softball, or track jerseys, etc. Only uniforms distributed or approved by Haughton Middle School administration are allowed. It may be necessary to further define or amend this guideline as needed. HMS Spirit Shirts are allowed Monday-Friday. Only spirit shirts on the HMS website are approved. These shirts may be purchased in the school office. If a student receives a shirt from a club or organization, that student may wear the shirt any day during the current school year.

    Dress Code Clarifications

    1. No visible writing on any part of the uniform (tops, bottoms, jackets, backpack, IDs, shoes, socks or belt) (Exception: Please write your child’s name on the tag inside clothing with a permanent marker in case the item is lost or stolen)
    2. No inappropriate or detracting wording should appear on any part of the uniform including jewelry.
    3. Gang, drug, and racist-related dress are not allowed.
    4. Spirit shirts may be worn any day of the week. Students who are members of clubs, sports, and organizations may wear letter jackets and the associated spirit shirts any day of the week.
    5. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must at least come to the bottom of the fingertips when arms are naturally held to the side and will be no longer than the bottom of the kneecap.
    6. No hats or hoods are allowed to be worn inside the school.
    7. Pants will not drag on the floor in a manner that mutilates or destroys the pants by stepping or tripping on them. Pants may NOT be rolled up to a calf length or tight rolled around the ankle.
    8. Pants must be worn at the waist.
    9. No underclothing should be visible below shorts.
    10. All buttons except for the top button must be buttoned on all shirts.
    11. All uniforms must be sized correctly in order to avoid ANY sagging or tight-fitting tops or bottoms.
    12. Labels on shirts and pants may not exceed 1” x 1” and labels on jackets may not exceed 2” x 2” and it must be an original manufacturer label.
    13. Uniforms need to be kept in good condition and clean. No mutilation of any kind is allowed. Mutilations include, but are not limited to, writing, tearing, ripping or cutting of hems, cuffs, sleeves or body of any of the uniform parts.
    14. Blankets and Snuggies are not allowed.
    15. Any visible tattoo must be covered by clothing or a bandage at all times.
    16. Colored contacts and distracting glasses are not allowed. Eyeglasses must be prescribed by a doctor.

    Students violating the school uniform policy may be sent home, given a Uniform Violation and/ or D-slip, assigned to detention, GASP, and/or suspended from school.

    The administration shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance.

    Dress Code Violations

    Parents/Guardians and Students must sign a contract stating that they have read the HMS Student Handbook. This contract is located at the back of the Student Handbook and is returned to the student’s homeroom teacher. Any student enrolling after the first week of school must watch the Handbook Video and return the signed contract to school. During the first week of school, students are warned about dress code violations. After the first week, Dress Code Violations will be issued as outlined below.

    Minor uniform violations will be addressed with Dress Code Violations. Dress Code Violations are stored and restarted each nine weeks. When given a Dress Code Violation, the student must wear a Dress Code Violation Sticker on the date of infraction, and the student must sign the dress code log for documentation. Parents with an email address in OnCourse will receive a notification alerting you that your child has received a dress code violation. Dress Code Violations are sequential, and disciplinary action is progressive as stated below:

    Dress Code Violation 1-4-----Warnings (Parent contact will be made on the 4th dress code violation.)
    Dress Code Violation 5-6-----One Day of After School Detention per violation
    Dress Code Violation 7 and subsequent-----Referral per violation

    NOTE: This is only a guide for students who are in noncompliance with the HMS Dress Code. Students who are willfully out of uniform and disobedient may receive a Disciplinary Referral on their first violation depending on the situation.

    Major Uniform Violations such as unapproved hair color, facial hair, designs in hair, revealing clothing (too tight, short, etc.), drug/alcohol/ gang related clothing etc. will result in student being placed in GASP until the issue is resolved. In addition to GASP placement, the student is subject to further disciplinary action for violating school rules, including after school detention, Saturday Detention, GASP, and/or suspension.