• Classroom and Hallway Expectations

    Hallway rules are enforced for purposes of safety. Students are expected to walk to class during class changes on the right side of hallways at a moderate pace. They should keep moving and not stop to visit with groups of friends. Loud talking, yelling, and singing are not allowed in the hallways.  Running is not allowed and pushing or other physical contact can lead to referrals to the office. Administrators and teachers are on duty during class changes. After several warnings about not following rules, teachers will refer students to administrators which can result in GASP time. Students are allowed time to go to the restroom and get water, but are not allowed in the restroom areas to congregate during class changes. After lunch, students have a break time to visit with friends.

    Teachers post classroom rules specific to the subject area they teach. Obvious rules include getting permission to talk, respecting others, using the appropriate tone with talking, etc. Teachers also have procedures and routines in which students are trained for their particular classroom.

    Students are not allowed to leave classrooms without permission.  Public displays of affection (PDA) are inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

    Use of electronic devices is prohibited unless approved by the principal. Violation of the electronic use policy can result in the device being confiscated by school officials.