• Student ID Badges

    Greenacres Middle School has been using Student Identification (ID) Badges for several years.  These ID badges serve four primary purposes:  1) Security and easy recognition while on campus,  2)  Library check-out and check-in,  3)  Cafeteria account information and identification, and 4) Check-in/out and tardy accounting. 

    Students will be issued the first ID badge and lanyard at no cost.  The badges must be worn at all times while at school.  Failure to wear the ID badge will result in dress code infractions.  Repeated failure will result in Detention or GASP.  Replacement badges may be purchased for $5 each. 

    Temporary ID badges may be purchased in the Library.  Temporary badges need to be purchase before school for $1.00.  Temporary badges purchased before school begins will not result in a dress code infraction.  Failure to pay for a temporary badge will result in a dress code infraction.  Repeated infractions will result in detention, GASP time, and possible suspension.  Temporary badges are valid only for the date of issue.  Students will not wear other student’s badges nor will they deform, alter or  decorate the front or back of their ID badge.