• Girls Dress Code Regulations


    White, red, navy, royal blue, or light blue polo shirts with no more than 3 buttons (no zipper, snap or tie closings) or white or light blue oxford shirts. Royal blue and red school uniform t-shirt and polo shirts.  Shirttails must be long enough to tuck in. No fitted shirts w/ short cap sleeves or multiple buttons will be worn. 


    Navy or khaki pants, Capri pants, shorts, skorts are the only approved bottoms for girls. No knit pants or no hip-huggers are permitted.  No slits at the bottom. Pants and shorts must have belt loops. Belts are required.  No corduroy or knit fabric allowed. 

    Uniform Length:

    Skirts, skorts, or jumpers should be the same length as the shorts. The Administration will use discretion as to whether shorts are an appropriate length.   Pants must not drag on the floor in a manner that mutilates or destroys the pants by stepping or tripping on them. Pants may not be rolled up to calf length or rolled tight around the ankle.  Shorts may not be rolled up.  Pants may not be tucked into shoes or boots at any time.


    Females may wear earrings. Only bottom earlobe piercings are allowed for female students. All other body piercings are prohibited.