Dress Code and Accessories:

  • Dress Code and Accessories:


    The students may choose a coordinating style and color belt. However, the belt must fit into the belt loops of the pants or shorts and must be left buckled at all times. No part of the belt may be hanging at any time. No “tie” belts allowed.


    All shoes must be closed toe.  No beach, pool or house shoes, “flip flops”, sandals, or crocs.  Velcro straps on shoes must be fastened and shoes that require laces must have laces in them. Shoes cannot be mismatched.


    The student may choose a coordinating style, color, and variation of stockings/socks.  Students cannot wear mismatched socks. Students will be asked to remove socks that are deemed inappropriate or distracting by the administration. 


    A solid white, red, light blue, gray, royal blue, or navy T-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt, or turtleneck worn under any uniform piece is acceptable at any time. No writing on an undershirt may show through a uniform shirt. Sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets are not to be worn under uniform shirt. 


    NO HOODED JACKETS OR SWEATSHIRTS ARE ALLOWED.  Only approved coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts will be allowed in the school. The larger jackets prove to be a storage problem and are very bulky which makes it extremely easy to hide items in them. Also, keeping such jackets on does not allow proper monitoring of the school uniform policy. Approved outerwear is as follows:

    • Greenacres letter jackets for any activity are always allowed. They may be worn indoors but must remain unbuttoned or unsnapped while indoors.
    • Monogrammed sweatshirts are not allowed.
    • Only approved navy, royal blue, red, gray, white, or black jackets and sweatshirts are allowed to be worn in the building.  Any labeling on the outerwear must not be excessive in size as determined by the administration..  Proper uniform shirts must be worn under jackets and sweathirts.  Jackets and sweatshirts must be removed or unzipped upon request to ensure proper uniform compliance.
    • Neon colored outerwear, denim, camouflage, and vests of any type are not approved outerwear.  Failure to remove these items and any other outerwear that does not meet the above requirements upon the start of the school day will result in a dress code infraction and a possible discipline referral to the office.  These items may also be confiscated by the administration.  GMS staff will not assume responsibility for non-uniform items that are confiscated.  Every attempt will be made to store non-uniform items securely, but GMS will not assume responsibility for non-uniform items that are picked up by a student other than the owner.  Students are encouraged to purchase outerwear items that comply with the dress code policy in order to avoid this problem.
    • No Airline Viking t-shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets. Only the approved AHS Foundation shirt is allowed to be worn on designated spirit days.
    • No striped, plaid, or print shirts or outerwear. This includes camouflage clothing of any kind.