• Arrival and Dismissal


    • Students shall not arrive on campus before 7:05 A.M.
    • Walking students and bicycle riders must use the supervised crosswalk.
    • Car riders must unload on the south side of the gym. Please do not drop off in the front of the school.
    • Students are to remain in the designated areas upon their arrival on campus.
    • Students can receive AM tardies for not being in class by 7:24 in the morning.


    • Walking students will walk down the bus ramp and then proceed to the supervised crosswalk.
    • Car riders are to be loaded in the same manner in which they are dropped off.
    • Bus students will be dismissed to the bus loading area in front of the school.
    • Checking out a student is discouraged past 2:00. This creates PM tardies for students.
    • Parents must present proper ID for checkout.