• Airline High School Tardy Policy

    Students late to class are considered tardy. Students will report to Tardy Central in the student office to receive a printed admit that must be presented to the teacher upon entering the classroom. On the fifth (and each thereafter) tardy, a student will be assigned consequences by an administrator. These consequences become progressively more punitive as the number of tardies increases. Tardies are accumulated per nine weeks. Three Viking Vouchers may be used to excuse a fifth tardy two times each nine weeks.


    Airline High will maintain consistency with regards to discipline associated with the law as it relates to tardies and absences.
    4th tardy = letter home to parents
    5th tardy = 2 days of after school detention
    6th tardy = 3 days of after school detention
    7th tardy = 1 day of GASP
    8th tardy = 2 days of GASP
    9th tardy = 3 days of GASP
    10th or more tardies – administrative action and/or suspension from school

    Check-Out Procedure

    1. A parent or guardian (with proper identification presented) must physically appear in the student office at the school to check a student out unless the student has his or her own personal transportation (not riding with some else) and brings a note from the parent the morning of check-out.
    2. Processing time for checkouts is often up to 20 minutes, dependent on time of request. (Lunch check outs will not be processed until the lunch shift ends and students report to class).
    3. The student office is required to make contact with a parent to confirm the check-out. Bogus check-outs or attempts may result in disciplinary or legal action for both parties.
    4. The office will notify the student when it is time to check-out. The student must come to the office and present his/her ID, and sign out prior to leaving the campus. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action. The student must leave the campus immediately after signing out.
    5. In all cases, students must sign in and out in the student office.
    6. NO check-outs will be allowed during state testing or final exam schedule.