• About Barbering

    This class will introduce students to the barbering profession. If a student is considering a career in the barbering profession, the knowledge gained in this class will provide an advantage for the student entering Barber College. The program is designed for students to attend their full junior and senior years, by which they will receive 650 class hours needed to take a Barber Exam to obtain a Barber’s License. Students must spend 1500 hours to obtain a barber’s license. 

    There are four levels of Barbering available.  Students must attend all four levels to reach 650 hours.


  • Industry-Based Certification

    If students earn 300 hours or more in Barbering, they will be awarded with an Industry Based Certification (IBC). To take the LA State Board of Barber Examiners licensure examination, students need to complete the additional program course at an accredited barber college.


  • Additional Course Information

    Juniors and Seniors only

    Must be 17 years of age

  • Dual Enrollment Information

    Northwest Louisana Technical College

    Students have the opportunity to dually enroll at NLTC in the following courses: