• About Carpentry

    Carpentry is one of the fastest-growing careers in the Construction industry. This semester you will learn basic safety techniques, proper use of hand and power tools, how to read construction drawings, and more! Students will work towards gaining the Core NCCER (National Center for Construction Education & Research) certification. Students will also have the opportunity to design, build and complete a small personal project of his/her own to take away from this class.

    Students learn the fundamentals of residential and commercial construction which includes floors. walls, room framing, cabinets, and masonry. Students will need to be able to read a tape measure, multiply and divide fractions, and perform basic math and Geometry.  There are four levels of Carpentry:  NCCER Carpentry I, NCCER Carpentry II, NCCER Carpentry III, and NCCER Carpentry IV.

  • Additional Course Information

    Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors