• Transportation

    Transportation safety is a priority for BPSTIL.  Therefore, each school provides bus transportation to and from BPSTIL.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of this service.  However, students who are participating in a work program (COE, CTEI, or Marketing), the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program must have their own transportation to and from school and the worksite. 


    For students wishing to drive, please select the form below and complete it. Once you have submitted your form and paid the fee, Mrs. Ortego will send your BPSTIL parking sticker to your teacher for you. Remember you must have a parking sticker to be able to drive to BPSTIL. The parking sticker fee is $15.00. At the end of the application, you can select to pay online or by check/cash. If you are paying by parent check, please ensure your parent has their driver's license number printed or written on the check.  If paying online, please note the total payment is $15.75 for transaction fees.


    Students are to operate vehicles in a safe manner on the school campus or at school-related activities. Failure to follow transportation policies will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of driving privileges.

    Our Driving Application Form is now online!  All students driving must fill out the online driver form. You can access the online payment link through the driving application form, but don't forget to hit submit on your driving application form. All proceeds generated from parking sticker sales support the BPSTIL Faculty and Staff Fund.  To pay for your parking sticker, you can use the SchoolCashOnline payment or you can pay in the office.  SchoolCashOnline link

    Students who are granted permission to drive are required to provide the following up-to-date information:

    • a valid personal driver’s license
    • vehicle registration
    • proof of liability insurance for the vehicle driven

    Driving Reminders

    Just some friendly reminders when driving to BPSTIL:

    • Don't speed
    • Wear your seatbelt
    • Do not use your phone while driving (even in the parking lot)
    • Back into the spot you are parking.  Deputy Ebarb will be happy to help you if needed.
    • Stop and look in both directions when leaving the parking lot.  (This is for turning onto Innovation Drive and Swan Lake.)  Innovation Drive is now open all the way through to Arline Drive.
    • Only approved riders can get in the vehicle with you. They MUST have a rider form on file in the office.