Employees Benefits

  • The following benefits are available to all FULL-TIME employees of the Bossier Parish School Board.

    • Retirement: Teacher’s Retirement System of LA (or) LA School Employee’s Retirement System.
    • Sick Leave: Nine (9) month employees receive (10) days per year, two (2) of which may be used as personal; may enhance retirement benefits. Ten (10) month employees receive (11) days; Eleven (11) month employees receive (12) days and Twelve (12) month employees receive (13) days – two (2) of which may be used as personal in each instance.
    • Personal Leave: Two (2) days per year (do not accumulate). If employee does not use personal days during the school year, they become accumulated sick leave days. These two days apply only if not used to cover absences because of illness (see Sick Leave above).

    NOTE: All current (sick/personal) days must be used before accrued days are activated for use.

    • Sick Leave Bank: Eligibility is three (3) years employment and a balance of more than thirty (30) accrued sick leave days as of the date of the intended donation. Employee must donate one (1) sick day in order to withdraw from the Sick Bank.
    • Extended Sick Leave/Catastrophic Illness: Extended Sick/Catastrophic/Medical Necessity Leave may be granted after all current and accrued days are exhausted. The Extended Sick/Catastrophic/Medical Necessity Leave must be at least ten (10) consecutive work days with appropriate forms completed by physician. Substitute pay is deducted at a rate of 35% of daily rate of pay.
    • Extended Personal Leave: Three (3) additional days may be granted for personal business with appropriate approval. Substitute pay is deducted at a rate of 35% of daily rate of pay.
    • Maternity Leave: An employee may use current sick and accrued days until exhausted and then request Maternity Leave which is leave without pay. A doctor’s verification will be needed for the period of confinement. Only positions requiring a Teaching Certificate may be granted up to thirty (30) days extended sick leave in each six-year period of employment.Substitute pay is deducted at a rate of 35% of daily rate of pay for the (30) maternity sick leave days.
    • Medical & Dental Insurance: Minimal cost to employee; Major Medical; self-insured; administered by BlueCross/BlueShield of Louisiana. Bossier Parish School Board pays the majority of this cost.
    • **LIFETIME MEDICAL & DENTAL INSURANCE**: Available at Retirement. Must have twenty (20) years of service with Bossier Parish Schools (with at least 10 years of service with Bossier Parish immediately preceding retirement).
    • Life Insurance: $10,000 Term Life Insurance with a $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider at a cost of $4.24 per month. Bossier Parish School Board pays a portion of this premium. Additional life insurance is available for purchase.
    • Professional Liability Insurance: $1,000,000. Every employee is covered in any error or omission that occurs in reasonable performance or duty; paid for by the Bossier Parish School Board.
    • Sabbatical Leave: State and Board funded for positions requiring a Teaching Certificate.
    • Military Leave: Granted by law, fifteen (15) days Military Leave without loss of pay; nine (9) month employees are encouraged to take Military Leave during the summer months.
    • Legal Counsel: Board Attorney available if needed for work related suits.
    • Tax Sheltered Annuities (403b): Available to all employees.
    • Credit Union: Bossier Federal Credit Union.
    • Payroll Deductions: Credit Union, Professional Organizations, Voluntary Insurance (income protection, cancer, vision, life insurance, and tax sheltered annuities).