What is Title I?

  • It is the largest federal assistance program for our nation's schools.

    The goal of Title 1 is a high-quality education for every child, so the program provides extra help to students who need it most. These are children who are the furthest from meeting the standards the state has set for all children.

    The program serves millions of children in elementary and secondary schools each year.  Most school districts participate.  Title 1 also serves children who attend parochial and private schools.  Services may be provided at a public school (this includes charter schools), or at the private or parochial school (under certain conditions).

    Title 1 can help:

    • Children do better in school--and feel better about themselves.
    • Parents understand their children better.  Parents can also have more say about their children's education.
    • Teachers benefit from suggestions and support that parents offer--and from the satisfaction of seeing children succeed.