Benefits of Parent Involvement

  • When parents get involved in their child’s education, everyone benefits. 

    There are many ways that children benefit when parents participate in their education.  Studies show that they are more likely to:

    • Perform better on standardized test
    • Get better grades
    • Have good attendance
    • Feel better about themselves and school
    • Take challenging classes
    • Behave better at school and home
    • Have good social skills
    • Continue their education after high school

    When parents are involved, teachers may:

    • Feel more supported
    • Be more satisfied
    • Communicate and work better with students, parents, and families

    Parents also get rewards for being involved in their child’s education. Six types of involvement:

    • Parenting
    • Communicating
    • Volunteering
    • Learning at Home
    • Decision Making
    • Collaborating with the Community