Driving Tips

  • Safety! Safety! Safety! Safety is our biggest priority!

Bus Driving Tips

  • Please remember these tips while bussing students in the next school year!

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    Obey all traffic laws.

    Notify Transportation Department and your school's principals of ALL accidents.

    Students should cross ONLY in front of the bus in view of the driver.

    Never leave the bus unattended while the motor is running.

    Railroad crossings: stop at all crossings no less than 15 ft from and not more than 50 ft from the nearest track, open and close the bus door to look for trains, and make all stops in the far right lane.

    Use turn signals at least 100 ft from your intended turn.

    Make sure your bus is inspected twice a year.

    Schedule routine bus maintenance with the Shop every 5000 miles.

    Activate student amber warning lights at least 100 ft and no more than 500 ft before coming to a stop.

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