Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the attendance requirements for students?

    Attendance is based on daily participation and completion of assignments.  Students are expected to log on each day and participate in daily, live lessons, complete assignments in a timely manner, and maintain regular communication with the teacher(s).  We want all of our students to receive the benefit of continuous instruction and have the opportunity to work in a small group setting or work one-on-one with the teacher as academic needs arise.  

    Just like the face-to-face classroom, the virtual teachers will take attendance each day based on student engagement.  If a student does not attend the lessons or complete the daily assignments, the teacher will mark the student as "absent."  The State of Louisiana and the Bossier Parish attendance truancy guidelines will be stickily enforced.

     Are there course supply lists for the virtual classroom?

    All Bossier Parish students pay a $10.00 technology fee at the beginning of the school year.  Some of the courses require assignments that include hard copies that students complete and "return" to the virtual teacher.  If the assignment includes hard copies or if the family does not have access to a printer or other virtual formats to return an assignment, families may pick up hard copies or packets from their zoned school site.  

    Some of the courses will have a supply list that the teacher has deemed necessary for students to completely engage with the lessons.  Teachers will post this list at the beginning of the school year.  High school courses such as Art will require students to have specific supplies on hand to complete the lessons.

     Will there be consequences for inappropriate behavior?

    Just like the traditional face-to-face classroom, students in the virtual classroom are expected to display appropriate behavior.  The BSVLP handbook specifically outlines the expected behaviors for our virtual students.  Student behavior is monitored daily and will be addressed at the discretion of the administrator.  Inappropriate student behavior may include but is not limited to:

    • Any type of cyberbullying
    • Intentional disturbance of class meeting(s), video conferencing, and any small group or one-on-one virtual meeting addressing academic needs or concerns
    • Inappropriate dress during any class meeting(s), video conferencing, and any small group or one-on-one virtual meeting addressing academic needs or concerns; Students will follow the Bossier Parish and BSVLP handbooks dress code requirements.
    • Truancy - student's lack of daily participation and engagement and/or lack of submitted assignments each day
    • Inappropriate use of electronic media
    • Inappropriate responses on submitted assignments and assessments
    • Eating/drinking during a Google Meet or other live lessons
    • Intentional disturbance of any teacher/student video engagement by a student's family member or other


       What do students need to be successful?  How can I support my child?

    • Understand that you or your child's daily caregiver must now become his/her learning coach.  This person will support your child each day during engagement with course work.
    • Create a daily routine so your child knows when it is time to focus on learning.
    • Have your child set goals each day and end the day reflecting on accomplishments/challenges.
    • Provide your child with frequent encouragement and reminders as needed.  Encourage and reward your child fo good online learning habits.
    • Encourage activities that do not involve screens when your child is not working on course work.
    • Be patient and flexible with your child.  focus on ensuring that your child remains academically engaged, connected to his/her school community, and emotionally supported.


    What about students with disabilities and 504 plans?

    • Students with disabilities will receive accommodations and modifications as listed on their IEP.
    • Related services will be provided in a virtual only format through your child's home school.
    • 504 students will receive accommodations and modifications based on their 504 plan.
    • An IEP or 504 meeting will be conducted following the Pupil Progression Plan and as needed.


    Can my child return to their home school and traditional setting?

    Parents who have students in grades K-8 who have made the commitment to continue with the Bossier Schools Virtual Learning Program will continue with this program for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.  High school students (T9-12) are required to participate in virtual learning from term to term.

     How much time should my child spend each day working on his/her schoolwork?

    Bossier Parish students must meet the provisions set forth by the State of Louisiana and the minimum number of instructional minutes for an academic school year.  Because the student is in a virtual classroom setting, it is crucial the teacher focuses her/his instructional time on targeted lessons that are shorter and focused on mastering specific content standards.  Our goal is for all students to reach content mastery for all grade level standards.  Below is a suggested chart as to how long students could spend online to achieve this mastery.  Each student is different and may need more/less practice time.

       Synchronous Learning

    •  Grades K-5:   2-4 hours daily; Monday - Friday
    •  Grades 6-12:  3-5 hours daily; Monday - Friday
    •  Participate in live virtual, teacher-directed instruction and individualized student support for language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and elective classes



    • 2-3 hours a day for all grade levels; Monday - Friday
    • Complete independent work which will engage you in critical thinking and problem-based activities and projects assigned by the teacher(s) for language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and elective classes


     Flex Time- Grades K - 5

    • Student/Family Choice
    • Reading aloud and independent reading for pleasure:
      • Kindergarten:  15 mins
      • Grades 1-2:       20 mins
      • Grades 3-4:       25 mins
      • Grades 5-6:       30 mins
    • Be active.  Explore your personal interests/passions.


    Edgenuity- Grades 6-12

    Students in grades 6-12 will use Edgenuity as their primary virtual classroom.  Edgenuity is a self-paced learning management system that allows students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they've already mastered.  Course content is aligned to state standards and can be customized to meet the needs of individual students.  Each student in the Edgenuity classroom will be monitored and supported by a content area teacher at his/her home school.

    Bossier Parish Virtual Learning Program courses consist of assignments, quizzes, unit tests, and exams.  Students may be required to come in for certain district and state-mandated testing.  In the case of unsatisfactory student progress in the Edgenuity platform, the teacher as well as other members of the Bossier Parish Virtual Learning Program staff will make every attempt to schedule a conference with you and your child to provide assistance either in a face-to-face format or virtually.  If cases where students do not take advantage of the help offered, we reserve the right to require students to come in for assistance.