Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the attendance requirements for students?

    Teachers will record attendance daily based on student’s participation and engagement.  Students will be marked “present” when they complete the assigned daily Edgenuity goal for each class.  If students are not engaged in the school day, they will be marked “absent” for that day by the teacher.

    • Attendance is based on daily participation and completion of assignments in Edgenuity.
    • Students are expected to log on each day, complete assignments in a timely manner, and maintain regular communication with the teacher.  Students should be utilizing the teachers’ office hours for further support.
    • Students will also be required to attend the teacher’s scheduled office hours a minimum of once each week.  This will be done through Google Meet.  
    • When a student is unable to complete his/her daily assignments, parent notes/doctor notes should be submitted to the attendance secretary for BSVLP.  All virtual students are held to the same attendance policies/guidelines as students who are in traditional face-to-face settings.  Doctor’s excuses will not be accepted after it has been five days since the absence
    • If the student does not participate or complete assignments within a period of three consecutive days, the teacher will alert the parent/counselor/administrator.
    • If the parent does not respond to the notification or the student does not engage in assignments after the notification has been sent, the teacher will make contact with the parent requesting that the parent make a face-to-face conference with the administrator to determine a plan of action for the student to get back on track.
    • If the student does not adhere to the plan of action, the student will be assigned to the Success Lab and/or may be sent back to his/her homeschool site to finish the term in the face-to-face setting.
    • Bossier Parish truancy guidelines will be strictly enforced.  Student attendance will be reported to the DA’s office regularly.

     Are there course supply lists for the virtual classroom?

    All Bossier Parish students pay a $10.00 technology fee at the beginning of the school year when the BSVLP chromebook is issued to the student.

     Will there be consequences for inappropriate behavior?

    Just like the traditional face-to-face classroom, students in the virtual classroom are expected to display appropriate behavior.  The BSVLP handbook specifically outlines the expected behaviors for virtual students.  Student behavior is monitored daily and will be addressed at the discretion of the administrator.  Inappropriate student behavior may include but is not limited to:

    • Any type of cyberbullying
    • Intentional disrespect of teacher(s) or administrator.
    • Students not following the Bossier Parish and BSVLP handbooks dress code requirements when reporting to the Success Lab.
    • Truancy - student's lack of daily participation and engagement and/or lack of submitted assignments each day
    • Inappropriate use of electronic media
    • Inappropriate responses on submitted assignments and assessments
    • Intentional disturbance of any teacher/student video engagement by a student's family member or other

    What about students with disabilities and 504 plans?

    • Students with disabilities will receive accommodations and modifications as listed on their IEP.
    • Related services will be provided in a virtual only format through your child's home school.
    • 504 students will receive accommodations and modifications based on their 504 plan.
    • An IEP or 504 meeting will be conducted following the Pupil Progression Plan and as needed.


     Can my child return to their home school and traditional setting?

     High school students (9-12) are required to participate in virtual learning from term to term.


     How much time should my student spend each day working on his/her schoolwork?

    Edgenuity- Grades 9-12

    Students in grades 9-12 will use Edgenuity as their primary virtual classroom.  Edgenuity is a self-paced learning management system that allows students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they've already mastered.  Course content is aligned to state standards and can be customized to meet the needs of individual students.  Each student in the Edgenuity classroom will be monitored and supported by a content area teacher at his/her home school.

    Bossier Parish Virtual Learning Program courses consist of assignments, quizzes, unit tests, and exams.  Students are required to attend district and state-mandated testing.  In the case of unsatisfactory student progress in the Edgenuity platform, the teacher as well as other members of the Bossier Parish Virtual Learning Program staff will make every attempt to schedule a conference with you and your child to provide assistance either in a face-to-face format or virtually.  If cases where students do not take advantage of the help offered, we reserve the right to require students to report to the Success Lab for assistance.