• About Intro to EMT

    The Intro to Emergency Medical Technician class is the first course of the EMT curriculum to be eligible for certification testing.  Students must successfully pass Intro to EMT with a 70% or higher to continue into the second half of the curriculum, EMT.  In order to test for certification, students must successfully pass Intro to EMT and EMT.

    The EMT is a crucial member of the EMS system to provide pre-hospital care in emergency situations.  The EMT’s purpose is to get to the patient as quickly and safely as possible to provide emergency care on the scene, en route to the hospital, and at the hospital. Students must be 17 years of age to take the course and have Emergency Medical Responder Certification and successfully complete the Intro to EMT course as a prerequisite.  Once the student has successfully completed the EMT course and met the testing requirements, the student is then eligible to take the National Registry Practical and Written Examinations.  

    Upon successfully completing the National Registry Exam, the student may be employed as an EMT-Basic and pursue Paramedic and/or Firefighter training. The EMT-Basic certification is required for employment with the fire department.  EMTs are also employed by private ambulance services, hospitals, etc. Physician’s assistants are also required to become EMTs.  Anyone with an interest in medicine would benefit from this training.

  • Additional Course Information

    Junior or Senior only

    Minimum of 2.5 GPA

    Must complete Ride-out portion outside of class time

    Extremely fast-paced and must dedicate time outside of class for material

    Must meet the minimum attendance requirement of 95%