• BoHS Dress Code


            Students should dress in a manner that is safe, healthy, and non-disruptive to others. Students and their clothing should be neat, clean, and well-groomed and meet the following guidelines. The administration may restrict the reasonable manner of dress or length of hair when it pertains to the health/safety of a student in the teacher’s classroom area when performing a lab-type activity.


    The following guidelines apply to all students:


    TOPS:  Shirts must be worn tucked in and fit appropriately.

    Permitted Items: 

    • Solid navy, white, black or forest green polo shirts (Short or long sleeve) 

    •  White undershirts 

    • Solid white or light blue oxford shirts (short or long sleeve)

    • Bossier High School issued/purchased spirit shirts (not those bought outside of school)


    Prohibited Item:  V-neck shirts


    BOTTOMS:  Pants must be proper size and not sag; students should wear belts as necessary.

    Permitted Items:

    • Solid navy, black or khaki pants, skirts, shorts, capris or skorts (no shorter than 4” above the knee)

    Prohibited Items

    •  Cargo shorts and pants

    • Denim

    • Spandex or tights 

    • Joggers, skinny pants, jeggings, warm up or sweatpants 


    OUTERWEAR:  Improper jackets will be confiscated and returned to parents. Hoods are prohibited in buildings.

    Permitted Items

    9.       Solid navy, black, gray, or green sweatshirts or jackets 

    10.   School spirit or letter jackets/sweaters 

    11.   White, black, or green Bossier High issued beanie caps will be allowed during cold weather. These are not to be worn in the building. 


    Prohibited Items:

    • Hoodies

    • Sweatshirts or jackets that are any color other than those mentioned above.

    • Sweatshirts or jackets that have large emblems or logos of any kind or color.

    •  Blankets are not considered outerwear and are not to be brought to school.


    SHOES:  Shoes must not exceed 1 inch in height and must have a back.  Quiet shoes are preferable and conducive to learning.

    Permitted Items:  

    Athletic or casual shoes of any style or color if it is appropriate for wear and usage. 

    Prohibited Items:  

    House shoes, slippers, or thong flip-flops



    Permitted Items: Earrings (1/4” stud for male students) and single-stud nose piercings (all students).

    Prohibited Items: All other body piercings



    • Notched eyebrows, 

    • Tearing, ripping, or cutting hems, sleeves, or body of garment

    • Inappropriate writing on belts

    • Inappropriate slogans on clothing of any kind

    •  Airbrushing

    •  Dental grills

    •  Distracting apparel and jewelry including the following: bunny, hooters, marijuana leaves, and other earrings that have a negative connotation 

    •  Headgear including caps, bandannas, stocking caps, doo-rags, hair rollers, hair bonnets, and hoods from hoodies

    •  Exposed controversial tattoos

    •  Picks and combs in the hair 

    •  Satanic, cult or gang-related symbols of any kind

    •  Ethnic or racial symbols of any kind



         Students may bring book bags to school.  Bags should contain no drug, satanic, cult or gang- related symbolism, profanity or obscene writings/drawings. 



         A student’s appearance that detracts from or disrupts the classroom is a violation of the dress code policy. Students found to be in violation of the appropriate dress attire will contact a parent to bring appropriate clothing. The school will attempt to provide the student with clothing to meet dress code requirements before a parent is contacted. These items are on loan to facilitate students’ return to class.  Items should be returned at the end of the school day.  Any jacket, piercings, or other prohibited dress code items will be confiscated and returned to the parents.  

       The administration shall make the final decision on what is considered proper/improper in appearance and has the discretion to adjust the dress code to fit unique situations including homecoming, spirit days, PBIS and others.