Dress Code
  • In compliance with the Bossier Parish Uniform Policy, students should wear navy or khaki bottoms with
    white shirts. Central Park Elementary has chosen additional shirt colors which may be worn as part of the
    school uniform: royal blue, kelly green, or yellow gold. All students are expected to wear athletic (tennis)
    shoes. This allows them to participate safely in PE and on the playground. Shoes with slick or hard soles
    create a safety hazard for student running on the playground or on the gym floor. No crocs or rain boots
    shall be worn. NO SWEATSHIRTS WITH HOODS WILL BE WORN TO SCHOOL. Only school spirit
    sweatshirts may be worn. Students who wear jackets or coats with hoods may NOT wear their hoods in
    the building. Students who wear hoods indoors will be asked to not return with a hooded jacket or coat.