• Platt Elementary Uniform Policy

    All public schools in Bossier Parish adopted uniforms as a mandatory dress code. A committee of parents, teachers, and school administrators chose the uniform for our students. Uniforms will be worn daily and should fit properly – no sagging or oversized clothes. All shirts will be tucked in the pants, shorts, or skirts.

    The school colors are red, white, and navy and our mascot is the Platt cowboy. Platt t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets may be purchased throughout the year online through Oasis Printing, Inc. The students will be able to wear the Platt t-shirts daily and on field trips. Platt sweatshirts may be worn any day or over a uniform shirt. 

    The following guidelines will apply to all students. Parent help and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action from the administration.

    Boys Uniforms:
    ● Tops – Plain white, red, or navy polo shirts.
    ● Bottoms – Navy or khaki pants or shorts in uniform style. No cargo pants/shorts.  No jean type material, even if color is correct.
    ● Socks should be black, white, or navy.

    Girls Uniforms:
    ● Tops – Plain white, red, or navy polos or white sailor or peter pan collared shirts.  No trim on collars.
    ● Bottoms – Navy or khaki uniform style shorts, pants, skirts, capris, or skorts. No extra pockets, ruffles, or decorations. Bloomers/shorts should be worn under jumpers and skirts.
    ● Plaid #37 style 194 Royal Park may also be worn.
    ● Jumpers – Navy or khaki with a round neck.
    ● No cargo pants/shorts. No corduroy. No jean type material even of color is correct.
    ● Length of skirts, shorts, and skorts may be no more than four inches above the knee.
    ● Socks and tights – Solid red, white, or navy; Leggings must be plain white, navy, gray, or red.

    Other Uniform Rules:
    ● Belts – Must be worn every day if the clothing has belt loops. Belts should be brown, black, navy, red, or khaki.
    ● Shirts should be tucked in every day.
    ● Shoes – must be closed toe rubber sole shoes. No flip flops, slip on shoes, crocs, sandals, cleats, or shoes with wheels. Students go to P.E. and recess every day.
    ● Sweaters – red, navy, or white cardigans may be worn.
    ● Coats/Jackets – ALL coats and jackets must be NAVY, RED, GRAY, or BLACK. Platt sells a uniform jacket early in the year.
    ● Sweatshirts/ Hoodies – navy, red, or the current school sponsored sweatshirt.  Sweatshirts may say Platt, Haughton, or BUCS.
    ● Undershirts – Navy, red, or white long or short sleeved and may only be worn under a uniform shirt. Turtlenecks may not be worn alone.
    ● Earrings – Girls should not wear dangly earrings to school.
    ● Platt spirit shirts – Purchased through the office and can be worn any day of the week.
    ● Hair style and color should not cause distraction or disruption at school. NO MOHAWKS or unnatural hair colors. Hair accessories should be school colors.  No bandanas, scarves, or feathers.