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Annual Registration for Returning Students

Online Annual Registration for Returning Students

Annual Registration for returning students will open in the OnCourse Connect Parent Portal on Monday, Aug 3rd.  As part of this process, two (2) current proofs of residency in digital form must be submitted. Currently acceptable student residency verification requirements may be found at

To prepare for registration, confirm that:
  1. One parent/guardian has successfully logged into the OnCourse Connect Parent Portal. If neither parent/guardian received an email with login information, contact the child’s school.

  2. Two (2) updated proofs of residency are available in digital format (an original pdf, a scanned copy, or a high resolution picture). Those enrolling using a Declaration of Residency Form must register in-person at school and cannot complete annual registration online.

  3. Arrangements have been made for accessing a desktop computer or a mobile device to complete annual registration.

Complete registration by following these steps:

Important Note: Until annual registration is completed and submitted, neither the parent nor the student will have access to view data in the OnCourse Connect Portal so you are encouraged to complete this process in a timely manner.

  1. Annual Registration OnCourseLogin to the OnCourse Connect Portal -

  2. Enter information into all sections of the Annual Registration for Bossier Parish Schools page (sections listed in image at the right):

    • Fields that are greyed out are Read Only and cannot be changed. If any of these fields need to be changed, please contact your school.

    • Fields that appear in white can be updated.

  3. Parent/Guardian/Contacts: Only ONE guardian was initially provided login credentials to the portal. During registration, it is important to add ALL others who will support your child this year (including additional parents/guardians, emergency contacts, checkout contacts, send mail contacts, additional SchoolMessenger call out contacts, etc).

  4. Remember to upload the two required proofs of student residency in the Registration Documents section.

Once you have submitted annual registration, the school office staff will process the annual registration. If clarification is needed or if additional information/documentation is required, you will be contacted via email.