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  • BPSB Mission, Beliefs, and Vision

Upcoming Events

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  • Admission

    Students must meet the following entrance requirements to be considered for enrollment

    1.       Achieved proficient reading, math, or science scores as required per course.  ACT scores and transcript may be used to determine eligibility
    2.       Positive Attendance Record.  Students should be committed to attending the course each day and showing up on time.
    3.       Positive discipline record.  No major infractions that could raise safety concerns within specific courses.
    4.       Grade level based on specific course requirements.

    Please see the Students & Parent page for more information.

  • Bossier Parish School's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Mission and Vision

    Vision Statement: The Bossier Parish School Board is an inclusive, equitable, and safe community committed to cultivating individuals who are compassionate, confident, resilient, and motivated lifelong learners.
    Mission Statement: Our mission for our students is to develop the social-emotional skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.