• A student must attend every class every day unless there is a lawful reason for the absence. Students who are tardy, cut school or class or have excessive unexcused absences are in violation of this rule and are subjected to adjudication and administrative response. Students must be in attendance 7,515 minutes per course to receive credit. Truancy will be notified when a student has 3 days (270 minutes) unexcused absences. The Bossier Parish School Board calendar should be considered when planning family vacations. If a vacation is taken during school time, the days missed will be considered unexcused absences. The Bossier Parish School Board and Plain Dealing  High School recognize truancy as absence from class or school for any portion of a period or day without permission from home or school. Students shall not be allowed to leave the campus without proper permission at any time during the school day, including before school begins, after school while waiting for their bus, or any disciplinary session which the student has been directed to attend. Students shall remain on the campus at all times unless granted permission to be off-campus, or be subject to disciplinary action.