Air Force Junior ROTC


    Uniform Grade Information:

    Proper wear of the Air Force uniform is imperative for all cadets. The following basic rules apply:

    1. Thursday is uniform day.
    2. Uniform grades are 100 points and make up 40% of the overall grade.
    3. If you are absent on uniform day for any reason, you must wear the uniform the next day back to school.
    4. The Uniform must be worn correctly the entire school day, from the time they step on campus until they go home.
    5. Any issues with uniform fit must be address no later than Tuesday of each week in order to correct before uniform day.
    6. The uniform must be cleaned regularly. Points will be removed for dirty/wrinkled uniforms.
    7. Hair must be within standards. No excessive length, braids or buns. Boy's hair must meet AF standards.
    8. One pair of earrings for ladies. No earrings for boys. Earrings must be small, round and in the earlobe.

Kitty Hawk Air Society

  • The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) is the Honor Society for the AFJROTC program. The purpose of the KHAS is to further instill cadet Leadership and Teamwork qualities. In a manner similar to other Honor Societies, "Kitty Hawkers" are required to maintain a 3.0 weighted GPA with no grade below a "C".  Specific KHAS objectives are: to promote higher academic standards; be of service to the school and community; promote excellence, integrity, and initiative; develop leadership ability; encourage academic excellence, and further educational development in post high school years.  KHAS members also serve in key leadership positions throughout the corps.

ROTC Instructors

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