• In order to achieve our mission of providing a safe and secure environment, we are implementing Positive Behavior Support throughout the school.  The following are key components of PBS:

    1.  Expected behaviors for all school areas are clearly defined.  Posters can be found throughout the school, outlining appropriate behaviors.

    2.  Expected behaviors for all school areas are systematically taught during advisory.

    3.  Problem behaviors are clearly defined (check the student handbook).

    4.  Incentives and motivational systems are developed to recognize expected behaviors.  Students receive Lion Paws that they can exchange for different rewards in our ROAR store.  Advisories whose members are referral-free for the month are "crowned" and celebrate.  One student per grade is recognized each month as LEO of the month.

    5.  Students are systematically supervised at school.

    6.  On-going training, assessment, and evaluation occur for staff members.

    7.  Systems are developed to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the intervention.

     Plain Dealing High School is committed to use POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, PREVENTIVE approaches to discipline.