PDHS PreK-12 Students

  • In the morning, busses will drop off preK-5 students at the pre-school entrance at 7:10.  If the drive through is full when you arrive, wait on the student parking lot and drive up once we have room.  Busses will then drive around and drop off 6-12 students at the front of the school (move all the way up to the end of the marked sidewalk).

    In the afternoon, the first four busses will pick up PreK-K students at the pre-school entrance while the next six busses wait in the front of the school.  The first four busses then move to the front of the school while the next three busses drive to the pre-school entrance.  This is repeated with the next three busses.

    1-5 students are escorted to the busses by their designated teacher (first seven busses to the front, last three busses to the back).

    6-12 students load the busses after the bell rings.

    SPED busses:

    Drop off and pick up on the East side of the MS building (preK-5 students will be escorted).


    Parent drop off and pick up:

    PreK-K students: East side of the MS building from 7:10-7:20 and 2:30-3:00

                                   Pre-school entrance after 7:20

    1-5 students:  East side of the MS building before and after school.

    6-12 students: West side of the HS building before and after school (bottom of the stairs).


    Note: All students arriving after the tardy bell should be checked in in the office.


    Afternoon bus order:

    1. D. Lockey             2.  K. Ward          3.  M. Matlock   4.  S. Rhodes

    5.    T. Downs             6.  S. Bratton      7.  S. Johnson

    8.    R. Dowler            9. J. Hamiter       10.  K. Dinkins