• Interested in attending BPSTIL?

    We would love to have you take a course here at BPSTIL.  All you have to do is talk to your counselor at your home school (Airline, Benton, Bossier, Haughton, Plain Dealing, or Parkway), fill in the class you would like to take on your schedule request form and complete the BPSTIL student application.


  • Attendance Information

    The instructional activities are designed to assist students in completing dual enrollment hours or earn industry-based certifications in order to directly enter the workforce. Students are expected to attend classes as if they are reporting to their place of employment. Just as you would show up to a worksite on time, you are expected to show up to your class on time. This includes in-person and online sessions based on the A/B schedule.

    Most courses are scheduled for two blocks. Therefore, missing one day of class is the equivalent of missing two class periods at your home school, and many of the lab or shop activities cannot be reproduced for makeup.

    Excessive Absences: Parents will receive an attendance letter after three absences and truancy will be notified.

    Tardies: Upon the fourth 4th tardy, a student will be given a warning notice and will have a conference with the administrative assistant. A parent will be notified. The 5th tardy and beyond will result in disciplinary action.

    Note: If attendance and/or tardies are repetitive, the student may not be allowed to enroll in future courses at BPSTIL.

  • Equipment/Personal Safety

    Safety procedures in the BPSTIL program are a priority. To assist students in developing realistic career and technical skills, specialized equipment and tools are used in many programs that are expensive, and, if used incorrectly, may cause equipment failure and/or serious bodily injury. Much time is spent covering safety procedures in the classrooms, labs, or shops. This training is documented and students are regularly evaluated on safety procedures. If a student causes damage to equipment/tools through misuse or uses the equipment/tools in a manner that may cause injury to self or others (whether intentional or due to unsafe practices), that student will be subject to disciplinary action and/or removal from classes at BPSTIL. The student will also be responsible for costs incurred to repair or replace the equipment or tools due to misuse.