• Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a statewide program that strives to accentuate the positive behavior of students thus decreasing the occurrence of negative behavior. Benton Middle behavior expectations (be safe, be ready, be responsible, be respectful) will be taught to our students during the first week of school through the discussion of the school rules. Behavior expectations will be reinforced throughout the school year. 


    Tier II 

    Students are identified through the Tier II Decision-Making Rubric for support with these types of behavior concerns that interfere with academic success: disruptive, disrespectful, disobedient, or anger-management. Students should only be recommended for Tier II if they are not responsive to typical classroom and teacher interventions. Once the student qualifies for Tier II interventions, the Tier II committee will implement one of the following interventions. The student will be reevaluated every six to eight weeks to determine the level of continued support. 



    CICO is a Tier II, group-oriented intervention, designed especially for students whose problem behaviors (a) are unresponsive to Tier I practices and systems, (b) do not require more immediate individualized interventions, and (c) are observed across multiple settings or contexts. CICO procedures and goals will be defined by the student’s team. The designated adult will receive a packet of information. 


    Students will meet weekly with his or her counselor. One of our counselors will use techniques that alter behavioral patterns through positive reinforcement. 



    Students will meet weekly with their assigned faculty mentor. Mentors will review and discuss student behavior, goals, and academics through mentor meetings.


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