• Each week several of the virtual teachers select a Student of the Week to spotlight and showcase.  Teachers may have different criteria, but two of the factors are always students who are attending regularly and making an effort with their classwork.  We love showcasing our virtual students who are "making it happen!"  

Student Spotlight

Mrs. Ashlock and Mrs. Redmon met their virtual students at the Dixie Farm for a fun filled day of learning through activities at the farm. Students had studied several diverse topics about Louisiana environmental changes and the life cycle of the fall farm and its products. Students had a great time and enjoyed meeting their virtual classmates.

Dot Day
  • Mrs. O'Neal and her first grade class read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  In the story, Vashti felt like she couldn’t draw — but her art teacher wouldn’t accept that. “Just make a mark, and see where it takes you,” the teacher said to Vashti. So, she marked her parchment paper with a small dot.  The next day, Vashti was surprised to find her paper with the dot on the classroom wall. Vashti was so proud of her work that she started creating drawings with different kinds of dots.  This book celebrates each child's creativity and celebrates the artist in all of us.