• Military Kid Strong


         Welcome to Platt Elementary School!  Our Military Kid Club's mission is to give each member a feeling of connection with other Military Kids through shared experiences. At monthly meetings (usually every 3rd Friday from 7:20-7:50), there will be a variety of activities:  greeting newcomers, saying farewell to our friends who are leaving Platt, service projects for veterans and/or deployed troops, guest speakers, games, and group discussions.

         On meeting days, the students can wear their purple MKC shirt (or any purple shirt if they don't yet have a club shirt) to school.   

    Meeting dates this year will be:   

    January 20th

    February 17th

    March 24th

    Purple Up Breakfast (with parents before school) on April 17th  

    Final meeting on May 19th


    Club Sponsors:  Mrs. Breedlove,  Mrs. Frost, Mrs. Hammett, Mrs. Ogletree,   Mrs. Reardon,  Mrs. Snellgrove, Mrs. Turner