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Welcome Letter
  • Welcome to our TL Rodes Family!  TL Rodes Military Kids Club provides opportunities for children in military families to connect with each other and offers support for our military students when a parent/guardian is being deployed, transitioning to a new school/community, making new friends, shared experiences, and more. TL Rodes Military Kids Club is open to ALL military students, PreK-First Grades.

    Meetings are held once a month engaging students in age-appropriate activities such as welcoming new students to TL Rodes, saying goodbye to those students who are being relocated with their families, special projects for our military families, stories, recognizing our military families with a special lunch on Purple Up Day, group discussions, and more!

    TL Rodes Military Kids Club Meeting Dates

    PreK- 9:30-10:00

     Kindergarten- 10:00-10:30

     First Grade- 10:30-11:00

    On meeting days, the students may wear an appropriate purple shirt to school and/or their military Purple Up shirt purchased during the school year.

    1.  Monday, January 23rd  “Kick off” Meeting

    2. Thursday, February 16th

    3. Thursday, March 23rd

    4. Wednesday, April 19th Purple Up Day/Military Families Lunch- Recognizing our Military Families

    5.  Monday, April 24th

    6.  Thursday, May 4th


    If you would like more information concerning our TL Rodes Military Kids Club, please contact Chrissy Hughes, TL Rodes Counselor, at 549-5966 or by email Chrissy.hughes@bossierschools.org.


    If you would like to give permission for your child to participate in our TL Rodes’ Military Kids Club, please complete the Military Kids Parent form.

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