Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Reynolds

Hicks and Reynolds
  • Dear Military Kat and Guardian,


    We are extremely excited for the 2023-2024 school year and our introduction to our new club, Muffins with Military Kats. At R.V. Kerr Elementary we have created a program designed to support our Kerr Kats who we have identified as military-connected children. Beginning September 8th we will host a monthly snack, Muffins with Military Kats, to build unity and camaraderie with our Kerr Kats who share the unique experience of being a military child.


    Future Muffins with Military Kats will be on the following dates:


    September 8th 

    October 6th 

    November 3rd 

    December 1st 

    January 12th 

    February 2nd 

    March 1st

    April 5th 

    May 3rd


    We thank you for choosing to live in the Kerr Kat district or utilizing the Military School of Choice option and being a part of the Kerr Kat family. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our Military Kats guardians on how we can best support you and your Kerr Kat.


    Kind Regards, 

    Muffins with Military Kats Sponsors, R.V. Kerr Elementary

    Mrs. Hicks

    Mrs. Reynolds 

  • We are honored to provide opportunities for our military students to gather, share stories about their lives as military children, and provide support for each other through relationships they build.  We work to reach our military students through the R.V. Kerr Military Club, Student 2 Student (S2S) program.  

    Our military club meets once a month for a breakfast organized by the sponsors, who are all part of military families themselves.  We are happy to provide student ambassadors that help new military students transition to R.V. Kerr.

    During the school year, we enjoy celebrating our Veterans with a Veterans Day Program.  We have several veterans that are related to our students who visit R.V. Kerr.  We will provide a breakfast and thank them for their service to our country.  We also celebrate our military students in April, which is designated as Month of the Military Child.