• RMS Student Dress Code


    Uniform Shirts: Spirit or polo shirts (green, black, navy, or white). Short or long-sleeved shirts with collars are acceptable. 


    Uniform Bottoms: Black, khaki, or navy blue pants, shorts, or skirts. Uniform bottoms must be a reasonable length and be worn at the waist, underwear cannot be showing above pants. No cargo, jogger, leggings, or denim pants are allowed. 


    Outerwear/Jackets: Hoodies and sweatshirts will be allowed with the following restrictions: they MUST be solid black, solid navy, solid gray, or be the Rusheon spirit hoodie.  Hoodies should be free of all logos and graphics.  Hoods are not allowed to be pulled up inside the building. Denim (jean) jackets are authorized on special dress days only.  Blankets are NOT allowed at school.  


    Shoes: Closed-toed with a back. Athletic shoes are recommended. (Note: Houseshoes, slides,  and “crocs” are not allowed.) 


    Socks: Students may choose their style of socks. Socks may not contain inappropriate symbols. 


    Belts: The belt must fit into the belt loops of uniform bottoms designed to have belt loops and remain buckled at all times. No part of the belt may be hanging. Belts should not possess inappropriate designs or sharp rivets.


    Headwear: Students may wear knit caps outside the building and appropriate headbands inside or outside. Unless approved by the administration, all other head coverings (i.e., caps, hats, stocking caps, bandanas, scarves, etc.,) are prohibited. 


    Jewelry: Students may wear appropriate earrings that do not pose a danger if pulled. Nose rings are tolerated but they must not dangle and must be confined to one side of the nose.  Other forms of body piercings (lip, tongue, eyebrow) are NOT allowed. (Note: Students may not cover body piercings with bandages.)


    Hair: Hairstyle must not be a distraction to learning nor contain any vulgar or inappropriate symbols.  All hair or styles may not be worn longer than knee length.  If you are unsure please ask the administration.  

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