Students who meet or exceed expectations will receive positive points (Ram points) or merits under the schoolwide Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports or PBIS program. School-wide expectations are embedded in the RAMS code:  


    “Rams LEAD by being Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Successful.” 

    Respectful. Be polite at all times.

    Accountable. Be responsible at all times.

    Motivated. Participate in class and school activities. 

    Successful. Do your best at all times. 


    Specific expected behaviors based on the RAMS code include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    • Walk to the right in the hallways;

    • Maintain a clean, organized environment;

    • Use an “indoor” voice when indoors;  

    • Comply with reasonable requests in a timely manner;

    • Help others in a positive way.


    Incentives available to students who follow the RAMS code regularly include the following:

    • RAM Points/Merits

    • School Store Privileges

    • Field Trips

    • Recreational Activities

    • Positive Parent/Guardian Contact 


    Students who fall short of meeting the RAMS code will receive interventions and support that may include the following: 

    • Restorative Practices; 

    • Student Conference; 

    • Parent Conference; 

    • Counseling; 

    • School Community Service. 

    • Loss of Student Privileges;

    • Response-to-Intervention (RTI)  

    • Guided Alternative To Suspension Program (GASP); 

    • Check in/check out with a chosen mentor


    Behaviors are tracked and monitored through our PBIS Rewards App.  Parents are able to download the app to monitor their student’s behavior, both positive and negative.

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