Dress code Policy

  • Dress code Policy

    Greenacres Middle School follows a mandatory dress code policy. To meet dress code requirements, the students must present themselves in the approved uniform. Uniforms can be purchased from multiple local vendors. 

    The school administrators will make all final decisions on  dress code compliance.

    All uniforms must be worn in the manner meant by the manufacturer. This means that there will be no mutilation of any kind. Mutilation means tearing, ripping or cutting of hems, loops, cuffs, sleeves or body of any of the coordinates.

    Cut off pants, shorts, or skirts are not allowed. All edges should be hemmed. The parents may make simple hemming of sleeve length, skirts, skorts, and/or length as long as it follows the dress code guidelines for uniform length. The uniform must be in the correct size to avoid any sagging. The student must be present in a neat fashion with no sagging or sloppiness.

    Pant legs will not be rolled up.


  • Dress Code Violations

    Anything worn or any hair style or color that causes disruption in the school setting or draws focus from academics will not be allowed.    Such decisions will be made by the administration.  The uniform supply closet will be utilized by the school to assist students in complying with the dress code policy.  However, if the appropriate attire is not available or the student is a habitual offender, the parent will be notified and asked to bring the proper attire.  Students may also be placed in GASP until the proper attire is acquired.