Motto, Mission, and Vision

  • Motto, Mission, and Vision


    Mustangs LEAD

    L - Love Learning

    E - Excel in All We Do

    A - Achieve Goals Together

    D - Do What Is Right



    The mission of Greenacres Middles School is to collaborate with stakeholders, teachers, and students to promote academic and social growth.



    The vision of Greenacres Middle School is to lead ALL students to academic and social success. 

Mustangs are ready, respectful and responsible
  •  Bossier Parish District-Wide Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision Statement: The Bossier Parish School Board is an inclusive, equitable, and safe community committed to cultivating individuals who are compassionate, confident, resilient, and motivated lifelong learners.

    Mission Statement: Our mission for our students is to develop the social emotional skills of self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.