• Uniform Policy
    Benton Intermediate School

    Polo Shirts: White, purple, gold, gray, black or navy (short or long sleeve)     
    Oxford-shirts: White (short or long sleeve)
    Spirit Shirts: School spirit shirts sold or issued by Benton Intermediate School                      

    Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris: Navy, khaki, stone, or gray

    Belts must be worn with any bottoms that have belt loops. The student may choose the style and color of the belt. The belt must fit into all of the belt loops and must be left buckled at all times. No part of the belt may be hanging at any time. Scarves or other items may not be substituted for a belt.

    Jackets, cardigan sweaters, hoodies, and all outerwear must be:
     - Solid in color
     - White, purple, gold, gray, black or navy
     - No longer than mid-hip
     - Free of graphics or logos that exceed 3” in diameter unless sold or issued by BIS

    Style and color of shoes may be chosen by the student as long as it follows all dress code rules and doesn’t distract from the learning of others. No wheels, heels, open-toed shoes, or shoes with foam-based soles (e.g. Crocs) for safety reasons.  Athletic shoes are recommended for comfort and physical education. It is preferred that shoes not have black soles since black-soled shoes cannot be worn in P.E. class. At all times, shoes should be tied or fastened in the manner for which they are designed.
    Socks and leggings must be a solid, school-approved color.

    Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. Girls may wear earrings, but no other form of body piercing is allowed for any student. Students/parents should be aware of this rule before making the decision to acquire any form of body piercing.  No large chains (dog chains, billfold chains, spiked chains) or spiked jewelry are allowed.

    Hats and Hair 
    No hats, beanies, scarves or bandanas are allowed. Hairstyles and hair colors should not distract from or disrupt the classroom or school learning environment. NATURAL HAIR COLORS ONLY (No Kool-Aid hair coloring).  
    Hairstyles should not be distractive or hang over the eyes. Notched eyebrows are not allowed.

    The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code policy as needed or as new fashion fads occur.  Parents are not allowed to bring items to school in order for their child to avoid a uniform violation.