• The School Day 


    7:10 AM (doors open)

     7:25  until 2:40 PM (Instructional Day)


    Arrival: 7:10 AM


    • School personnel are not on duty before 7:05 AM. Supervision of students begins at 7:10 AM.  
    • Students are not allowed on campus before this time.  
    • If you drive your child to school, please remain in your vehicle with your child until the duty teacher opens the front door of the school.  
    • If your child rides a bike or walks to school, he or she will not be allowed on campus until 7:10 AM.  Students should enter campus through the Lampkin Street gate (east side, playground area). The back gate (north side) will also be used for walkers.  


    Breakfast begins at 7:10. Students who desire to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria, all others will go to their respective hallways or to the gym (4th and 5th-grade students) until 7:15 AM.  At 7:15 AM, students will enter the classrooms. Breakfast ends at 7:20 AM for students who are enrolled in grades 1-5. Homeroom begins at 7:25.  


    Students who arrive after 7:30 AM must be signed in at the front office by a parent or responsible adult and receive a tardy slip before going to class. 


    Students who ride bikes are encouraged to secure bikes with a bike chain and lock during school hours.  Neither Meadowview Elementary nor Bossier Parish Schools will be responsible if a bike is stolen or otherwise removed from campus without the owner’s permission. 


    Student drop off and pick-up on Lampkin Street and Shed Road are not permitted. Use the car line in front of the school to drop off students.


    Car Line:


    If your child comes to school in a private vehicle, the drop off area is located at the front of the school. Dropping students off in the employee parking areas (west and southwest) the parking lot across from the school and at the crosswalk is not permitted due to student safety.  


    Students should remain in the vehicles until 7:10 AM. The driver of the vehicle should drive to the farthest point of the car line before stopping. Drop off and pick up as quickly as possible. If the adult needs to come inside for any reason, please park the vehicle in a parking space. Vehicles should be placed in “park” when dropping off students in the car line. 


    School employees are on duty from 7:10 AM until 7:25 AM. 

    Dismissal begins at 2:40 PM. Dismissal order:  bus riders, walkers, then parent pick-up.  



    A student shall be considered tardy to school if the student is not in his/her classroom when the bell to begin homeroom ceases at 7:30 AM. Tardy also includes leaving or checking out of school before the end of the school day, per Louisiana Law. Tardies are reported to the District Attorney’s Truancy Office. The Bossier/Webster Parishes Truancy Assessment and Service Center (TASC) will notify parents or legal guardians in writing upon the student’s third unexcused absence or tardy. Tardies can be monitored through the OnCourse Student Information System.  


    Parents of students who are habitually tardy shall be notified for a conference with the principal. Excessive tardies and check-outs may subject the child to disciplinary actions (ex. GASP, Saturday School, or detention before or after school). The parent/legal guardian may also be subject to court fines or community service, at the discretion of TASC.


    Any student who arrives at school, other than by school bus, must be signed in at the front office by a responsible adult. After the sign-in is complete, office personnel will issue the student a tardy slip.  


    Students may not leave the school campus unless signed out through the office by the parent, caregiver, or an authorized representative on the yellow registration card. Efforts to contact the parents will be made first, then calls will be made to the names listed on the yellow registration card. Parents are encouraged to update the yellow registration card as needed so that the school will have the most current contacts. 


    **Regular and timely attendance are vital to your child’s academic success.  Students with excessive tardies or absences may not be permitted to participate in school or district-sponsored events.  




    If you know that your child will be absent, please call the office at 549-5640.  Notification of absences and/or tardies will be sent home to the parent or caregiver in writing with the student. Please check your child’s backpack daily.


    • If your child is absent from school, the verified excuse must be presented within 5 school days of the absence for it to be excused. Please see the “Attendance” section of the BPSB Student Handbook.  Below are the reasons which will be excused. 


    • The Louisiana Department of Education allows the following reasons only to be considered for excused absences:  
      • personal illness (with physician’s excuse) 
      • serious illness in the immediate family
      • death in the family (obituary/ funeral program or death notice required) 
      • recognized religious holiday (with prior approval of the principal)
      • extenuating circumstances verified by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance. 


    • Parents will be contacted on the third unexcused absence and/or tardy. Truancy notified on the fifth unexcused absence or tardy.
    • Students with excessive tardies and unexcused absences will be referred to the Bossier Truancy Center.


    Check Out:


    ​Check-outs disrupt the learning environment at the close of each day and constitute an afternoon tardy just as a late check-in. Excessive check-outs may warrant a referral to truancy. 



    • A photo ID is required for all check-outs. 
    • The responsible adult who is checking the child out of school must be listed on the yellow registration card.
    •  All changes to the yellow registration card must be made in person.
    •  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless given permission by the principal or the principal’s designee. 
    • All students must be signed out in the office by the parent or designee. 



    Students may not be checked out after 2:00 PM.  This will be strictly enforced.




      • Students are dismissed beginning at 2:40 PM in an orderly manner. All school personnel work diligently to maintain the safety and supervision of our students. 
      • Pick up and drop off on Lampkin Street and Shed Road are not permitted.  
      • Written requests are required for a change in the dismissal routine of your child. For the safety of your children, teachers may not accept phone calls requesting a dismissal change during the school day. For the safety of your child, we will not make exceptions to this dismissal policy. Changes must be received, in writing, before 1:00 PM.  You may email changes to janice.williams@bossierschools.org.


    • Changes in the way that your child goes home will not be at the discretion of the teacher.  If, then changes will not be accepted.  For example, if it is raining, my child will be a car rider.  Written notification from the parent/caregiver is required to change the manner in which your child goes home.  If no changes are received, your child will go home in the usual manner. 


      • Each car must have a CAR TAG for parent pick-up. If you do not have a CAR TAG you must park and show your I.D. in the office to pick-up your child. This policy will be strictly enforced.  
      • One car tag will be issued. Additional or replacement car tags will cost $1.00. Car tags should be prominently displayed on the rearview mirror for afternoon pick-up. 
      • Louisiana state law requires proper safety restraint of children. Seat belts or car seats must be utilized for all children in your vehicle. Louisiana state law prohibits smoking on a school campus and in cars with children under the age of 18.
      • Students in the car line must be picked up by 3:00 PM. After 3:00 PM, you will be required to come inside the school and sign out your child. If you are late picking up your child and we are unable to contact you by phone, we will ask for law enforcement assistance. Child Protective Services may be notified if the parent or caregiver is habitually late to pick up your child. 


    • Louisiana Law prohibits the use of handheld electronic devices in school zones.