• Mr. O

    A Message From Mr. O: 

       I am extremely honored to serve your children here at PPE! I started my teaching career here in 2007 and I consider it a  blessing to have the unique opportunity to serve in the role of Assistant Principal!

      It is my belief that education is the only treasure that once acquired, can never be taken away from you! It is my goal to help our teachers and students make every moment count towards giving your child the treasure of a quality education! 

      Our teachers and staff are committed to getting the best from our students each day as can be seen through the differentiated methods of instruction used in each classroom. We also promote positive learning climates and a sense of community on our campus to ensure students feel valued and safe!

     Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of any assistance. I look forward to working with you to ensure that we have a successful school year!

    Mr. O