• College Applications

    College Applications:

    • Make a list of 3-5 colleges that interest you and why.  
    • Complete online college admission application to top schools.  
    • Meet all admission, financial aid and scholarship application deadlines at your college or university.  
    • If colleges request Letters of Recommendation from you, compile a list of teachers, counselors, mentors, and other adults you can ask to submit a letter on your behalf.  This may also be needed for scholarship applications.
    • Compare the offers you receive from each college.
    • Decide which college to attend and notify the school of your decision.
    • Arrange housing and a meal plan with your new school, if necessary.


    The Common Application:


    The Common Application (CA) refers to a generic college application that is used by several hundred private colleges and universities.  The intent of the CA is to make it easier for students to apply to multiple colleges by completing just one application. The colleges that accept the CA may also ask applicants to complete a short supplementary form unique to their institution once they receive the completed CA. You should consider filling out a CA only when you have at least three CA schools to apply to. With fewer than three schools, it is more work than a time saver.  


    The Common Application can be completed electronically or on paper.  It is suggested that students might find it helpful to download a paper version and complete it by hand and then use that copy to input the information electronically.  The Common Application and a list of the colleges that accept it can be found at www.commonapp.org.  Make a copy of the application for your files before you send it.